South Dade YMCA Family Center


Client: YMCA

Location: Miami, FL

Cost: $7,200,000

Size: 35,000 SF


The new $7.2 million South Dade YMCA Family Center replaces a cramped 9,000 square foot facility on a five acre site in upscale suburban Miami-Dade County. The site is bounded on the west by a handsome municipal golf course, on the north and east by single-story semi-detached townhouses, and the south by a major divided street. Parking for nearly 300 cars was accommodated on the site as well as extensive landscaping buffer to the neighborhood.

The new two-story building is approximately 35,000 square feet. The two-court gymnasium, two meeting rooms, offices, child care center, lockers, fitness studios and fitness center supports a wide range of recreational and social activities common at YMCA facilities around the country. There are excellent vistas to the adjacent golf course from the upper floor fitness facilities. Distinctly contemporary in appearance, the Y provides a sweeping façade along the street with extensive glazed walls on the second floor fitness center, acting as a beacon to the facility.

The other components—gym, meeting rooms, offices, child care center and locker rooms—are housed on the main floor for easy access and excellent supervision.

Plans have been developed for expansion of the building to over 60,000 square feet for implementation over a 15-year period. Additional gym space, child care facilities and fitness studios will be provided in the two phase expansion. A three deck parking garage is also being considered should the need present itself. Architectural Showcase 2014, Athletic Business

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