School of Communication Expansion & Renovation


Client: University of Miami

Location: Miami, FL

Cost: $9,500,000

Size: 44,000 SF


This project consisted of the expansion and renovations for the nationally recognized School of Communication at the University of Miami’s Main Campus in Coral Gables.

Initially developed in preliminary designs as an “addition” to the cable television studio, the expanded program currently encompasses approximately 44,000 square foot in a three and four story structure that will envelop the existing 1960’s vintage cable television building.

Provisions are included for new administrative offices, 40 faculty offices, 8-16mm flatbed studios, one animation studio, two sound mix theaters, one motion picture/broadcasting stage, two story set storage facilities, two writing labs, two graphics labs, five classrooms, a print journalism bureau, student reading/computing/viewing rooms, a photo lab, a library and a student commons area. The new facility consolidated the school’s five programs under one roof and allow the school to relinquish current space allocated elsewhere in the campus, some in World War II vintage wooden structures. AIA Award of Merit for Design Excellence

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