Burnett Honors College


Client: University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, FL

Cost: $2,200,000

Size: 10,250 SF


Borrelli + Partners was commissioned to design the new 10,250 square foot Burnett Honors College for the University of Central Florida. Its design provides a place of prestige and interaction for its students with an unique identity, different than any other campus building. This new facility, designed to serve UCF’s most academically talented students, has a small community atmosphere within the state’s fastest growing university. As part of the core of the campus, this prestigious new facility houses classrooms with cutting-edge technology and a serene environment.

The Honors Reading Room serves as a comfortable gathering space for the honor students to relax and interact with faculty and fellow students. Its significance is emphasized by its round form which creates a sub-axis with the Dean’s office, also defined by a round form. Both of these spaces are surrounded by exterior verandas with trellis structures that open into lush gardens, while also protecting the building and occupants from the elements.

The brick reference wall orients students within the building and align with the central axis of Pegasus Circle, the center of campus. The openness of the lobby to the student reception area also allows the lobby space to be used for overflow of students waiting to see directors and for special functions. The Burnett Honors College promotes a learning environment that enhances intellectual development and interactive discourse that stimulates the minds of their most promising students.

FEFPA 2004 Architectural Design University - First Place

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