Mount Dora Community Building Master Plan


Client: City of Mount Dora

Location: Mount Dora, FL.

Cost: $6,000,000.00

Size: 720 Seat Auditorium


The Master Plan Study for the Mount Dora Community Building was commissioned to explore the feasibility of transforming the facility into a performing arts center. The new lobby design includes a guest drop-off under the entry portico, box office in the entry portico, toilet facilities and spaces for concessions.

Approximately 720 seats with 42-inch row to row spacing for comfort and egress requirements are being considering for the audience chamber. Acoustic treatments on the walls and ceiling will enhance the room's natural acoustics. An open control room has been incorporated in the back for sound and light adjustments.

Handicapped access to the stage from the audience is accomplished by making the stage the same elevation height as the handicapped seating area. A platform lift in the orchestra pit also allows the theater to use this space for additional seating, storage or council chamber functions.

The stage house design represents an end stage layout. When a new show arrives, trucks as large as a 55-foot long semi trailer may back up to a loading dock and wheel scenery and props directly on to the stage or into storage areas. Performers may enter at the grade level in the back and proceed to dressing rooms on two levels.

The crossover corridor allows scenery, props and performers to access either end of the stage during a show. Once these modifications are complete, the theater will be capable of supporting a greater range of performances and provide a better guest experience.

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