Gables Estates Residence


Location: Coral Gables, FL

Cost: $1,500,000


Situated on a prime waterfront tract, the design of this residence capitalizes on the beautiful vistas afforded by its location, while at the same time organizing the major spaces into an effective zoning of passive and active social areas. Most evident from the exterior are the dramatic roof profiles with each pitched volume responding to an established hierarchy of interior spaces, reinforcing the importance of each space.

The master suite, family area and living room each are treated to high volume sloped ceilings, starting uniformly at 8 feet, then rising respectively to 14, 16, and 19 feet. Large, green solar-glazed French doors and expansive window openings reveal panoramic views of scenic seaside vistas, while patterned glass block permits the filtering of natural light from the home’s street side vantage.

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