Sarasota VA National Cemetery


Client: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Location: Sarasota, FL

Cost: $75,000,000

Size: 295 Acres / 12,000 SF


With nearly one fifth of the Florida’s 1.9 million military service veterans living within 75 miles of Sarasota, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs has designated a 295-acre site, comprised primarily of agricultural lands, to serve as the Sarasota VA National Cemetery Servicing over 14 counties through out Southwest Florida area the cemetery is easily accessed just off State Road 72, and can also be reached via Interstate 75 for visitors approaching from the West coast of Florida.

The master planning determined the phasing needed for the build out of the entire 295-acre property with each phase providing approximately ten years of burial space. Phase I covered approximately 60 acres of the site and was constructed in two parts” Phase IA included various temporary buildings and some burial areas. Phase IB included the construction of the permanent buildings and additional burial areas for the remainder.

Phase I design elements included a public information/administrative building of 4,583 square foot, a maintenance building of 7,117 square foot, three committal shelters each at 870 square foot, a main entrance/assembly area, a full-casket grave sites with pre-placed crypts, columbarium, cremation sites, roadways, irrigation, storm water management, and landscaping.

The architectural movement known as South Florida’s “Classic Cracker” inspired the overall design. This style is commonly characterized by its use of metallic roofing, wood finishes, large open porch areas, and simple construction. The proposed design would develop the airy and light classic cracker aesthetic while supplying an underlying hurricane ready support system.

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