Fire Station #1 Facilities Assessment Report


Client: City of Miami Beach

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Cost: $50,142


Borrelli & Partners, Inc (B+P) performed an existing conditions assessment/building systems evaluation of Fire Station #1, located at 1051 Jefferson Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. Based on the request of the City of Miami Beach, the assessments included the original 1970’s building and the 1992 Rescue Addition Building.

The purpose of this evaluation and report was to visually observe the existing site and building conditions, the structural integrity and ability to operate as an essential facility during a hurricane. The evaluation included primary building elements such as foundations, structure, exterior walls, roof, windows, doors, trim and finishes; interior building elements such as ceilings, walls, doors, floors, fixed equipment and furnishings; building systems like heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and lighting; and code compliance such as means of exit, fire control, emergency lighting, fire resistance, handicap accessibility.

Based on the above criteria, B+P was able to provide a summary of design recommendations to either: demolish/rebuild (immediate needs); undertake specific upgrades and improvements (within 1-3 years); or perform on-going remedial efforts (continued maintenance). This document provided the City of Miami Beach with the technical information needed to make informed decisions regarding the disposition of existing facility maintenance funds and the need and costs for future use.

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