FIU Recreation Center


Client: Florida International University

Location: Miami, FL

Cost: $8,000,000

Size: 58,000 SF


This two-story, 58,000 square foot recreation center serves the needs of the university campus by contributing to its growing, vibrant community. The center supports sports and fitness activities, fosters personal development, enhances academic productivity and satisfaction, increases physical and psychological health and encourages social interaction. The design accommodates more than 1,000 people per day in the various areas created for the students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The facility includes the following: a 12,000 square foot fitness and strength training area; 10,000 square foot multi-purpose court for either basketball, volleyball or badminton; 3,000 square foot group fitness space (dividable in areas); 3,500 square foot for locker rooms, bathrooms and storage rooms; 2,500 square foot for the entrance/lobby that accommodates a control desk, food service area with seating and membership sales; 2,700 square foot for campus support services including a laundry room; and 2,000 square foot for an office (including a conference room, meeting room, offices and departmental reception area). NIRSA Facility of Merit Award 2006

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