Deerfield Place, Mixed-Use Development


Client: EspoFlorida Corporation

Location: Orlando, FL

Cost: $2,800,000

Size: 42,000 SF


Borrelli + Partners provided full service planning, architectural design, and landscape architecture for this 42,000 square foot mixed-use development. Creative and practical solutions were achieved in response to the client’s desire for efficient provision of leasable space based on site, zoning and local design restrictions.

This being their first facility in Central Florida’s competitive lease market, we satisfied the client’s need for an attractive, quality image within a limited budget. The varied programmatic needs of office and retail users were synthesized into an aesthetic and environmental r1esponse to site configuration, automobile/pedestrian access points, sitelines, light and climate conditions. High visibility street frontage needs, parking and floor area ratio restrictions influenced the basic footprint.

The mass of the building is “split” to create a shaded outdoor public space which facilitates pedestrian and automobile circulation while creating a forecourt to the office lobby space. This forecourt space, which resolves the differences between the retail and office entries, is defined by glass surfaces. The exterior surfaces of the building are articulated by “brise soleil” and colonnades which create aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior spaces through natural light effects and climactic responses. A tower at the corner anchors the building composition, creating a spectacular conference room and simultaneously emphasizing an overall image for the facility.

Borrelli + Partners’ expertise in landscape design made the landscape and hardscape integral elements of the space, emphasizing a sustainable, enjoyable working and shopping environment.

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