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March 27th 2023

Behind the Scenes Look: Brightline Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Check out a behind the scenes tour of the most advanced Vehicle Maintenance Facility in the region here!

Borrelli + Partners, Inc. was selected to prepare and provide preliminary architectural plans and reports at a 30% construction document level for the new Brightline Trains Vehicle Maintenance Facility located 62 acres south of the Orlando International Airport. B+P subsequently hired as the Architect of Record for the construction of the facility.

The Brightline Trains 135,805-square-foot Vehicle Maintenance Facility features a maintenance building the length of two football fields, a truck shop, a 25-foot-deep drop table, a three-story parts warehouse, a wheel true facility, a train wash facility, and two fueling islands. The facility will be able to service up to 16 trains at one time.

“Today we welcome you to the most advanced train maintenance facility in the Southeast and I would venture to say the country - Brightline’s Basecamp,” shared Brightline President Patrick Goddard at the site tour. "This impressive facility was developed by Brightline and is an essential component to our service from Miami to Orlando launching this year.”

To learn more, please read Brightline's press release.

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